Redundant Processing

A multitude of redundant processing schemes are available to all Xogenous customers depending on your specific requirements. These various approaches to redundancy have even more meaning and are more beneficial in a virtual processing environment. For example, through available technology, a host in a virtual server can be programmed to fail over to another host on the same computer, a host on a different computer, or even to a host in a whole different data center located anywhere in the world.

Up All The Time

We guarantee that our data center will be accessible 100% of the time as it is stated directly in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) offered to our customers.

Backups Immediately Available

Xogenous maintains backups of your data both on-site and off-site and we rotate backups on a regular schedule.  Transaction logs are maintained for each database and  can be used quickly in the recovery process.


All of our hard drives are mirrored using RAID technology. This means that when a transaction is written to one disc,  it is simultaneously written to a second disc or even a third or fourth disc depending on your selected level of failover requirements. What this means to you is that your systems will not become unavailable due to a hard drive failure. When a hard drive fails, as they will from time to time, the mirrored drive immediately becomes the primary drive. Our monitoring equipment lets us know of the failure and the defective drive is replaced. All without missing a beat or powering down a server simply to replace a drive.

Redudant Power Supplies

All of our servers contain  dual power sources. And, many of the pieces of equipment that we use employ redundant cooling fans in order to further safeguard your data.

Redundant Internet Providers

Our data center has direct fiber Internet provided from multiple independent sources so, in the event there is a problem from one provider, another provider’s service immediately becomes available.  This to, like most of our services is virtually transparent to you, the user.

Power Failure Protection

First, all of our equipment is connected to substantial uninterruptible power supplies  (UPS). These are basically a large series of batteries that are charged and automatically take over should there be even the slightest change in the power provided to our equipment.  Not only do they compensate for short-term power losses (1-2 hours) but they also condition or clean the power before it is applied to our equipment.  This prevents  “dirty” power from damaging the equipment and will handle “brown-outs” that may occasionally occur during inclement weather.

We also maintain a sizable backup generator that is used should the power be unavailable for an extended period of time.  This generator automatically transfers the power source when our UPS’s can no longer provide needed power.  Because it runs on its own fuel supply, this generator can keep power supplied to our equipment virtually indefinitely.

Damage From Acts of Nature

Our equipment is protected by state-of-the-art fire suppression systems that will extinguish nearly any fire detected in the data center. Sensors are in place to detect significantly high or low temperatures, water which may find its way into the data center, and even humidity levels that can cause static electricity damage to computer components.

Redundant Air Conditioning

Finally, our data center uses high-powered air conditioning systems in order to provide a healthy environment for our servers and other components. In addition, we maintain portable 60,000 BTU air conditioning units which we employ should there be a problem with our main cooling system.