Automatic Backups

Another advantage of hosted computing as we describe it is that you never have to be worried about making backups. Backups are done automatically at regular intervals often more than once a day. And, in addition to the normal daily backup where full or partial backups are completed, our servers use RAID technology to maintain ongoing backups of your data as it changes. Two or more separate storage locations are used for RAID. When you save a file or create a transaction, the data is written to multiple places at the same time creating a “Mirror Image”. Mirroring your data in this manner assures that you have the most current data available even if a hard drive fails.

Thin Clients

It is not necessary to have a high-powered workstation in order to deal with your programs and data. Rather, you can use what is been termed a “thin client”. Thin clients are typically a small box which occupies very little room on your desktop and may or may not contain a hard drive. It provides connections for your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other devices. These thin clients can connect to the Internet or your local area network just like a standard workstation and permit access to your software applications and data over the Internet. Thin clients typically costs in the $2-$300 range and can be easily replaced should they develop problems. In many cases, simply unplug the defective machine and replace it with a new one.

Round-the-Clock Availability

All services at the data center are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. We can offer this reliability because of the various levels of redundancy provided with our service. Guaranteed!

Built-in Redundancy

There are many levels of redundancy available to our customers. Redundant power using UPS’s and power generators. Redundant storage with RAID technology and transactional backups. Redundant Internet connections using three alternative sources. Backup HVAC units, routers, firewalls, virtually everything we do has backup capability that comes on-line nearly instantly in case of a failure.

Even our servers are designed to be redundant depending on the level of service required by our customers. Failover paths range from one instance to another in a virtual server environment; to migration to another physical computer; to routing to an entirely different physical building.

Remote Accessibility

With hosted computing, your business is not restricted to a particular location. This applies to individuals as well. You can access services from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection, your user ID and password. In some cases, there may be extra security requirements but, as they too are mobile, you can easily access your services from any part of the world.


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