The safekeeping of your data files is of the utmost importance to the staff of Xogenous. Each of the hard drives in our facility is mirrored to an identical hard drive so that, if one drive fails the second identical drive becomes available virtually immediately. In most cases, we can easily recover your data from the previous day; the last hour; or, just a few minutes ago depending on the level of service to which you subscribe.

In addition, should you require it, we will deliver to you on a regular basis, weekly for example, a hard drive or other electronic media that contains a full backup of all of your data to keep wherever you choose. Backup drives are routinely stored at an off-site facility maintained by Xogenous.

Certification For Facility

We conduct regular and routine audits of our facility to assure that every aspect of our service is functioning properly. In addition, independent auditors will review our policies and procedures on at least an annual basis to ensure that we are in compliance with accepted practices.


Our facility is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week both inside and out with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment including cameras and recording devices. Recorded information is maintained for at least seven days and stored in our fireproof vaults.

Hiring Practices

Our staff is of the highest caliber not only for their technical expertise but also for their responsible adherence to a strict code of ethics. All new employees are subject to background checks and must agree, in writing, to hold our customers data in strict confidence.

Electronic Security System 

Our facility includes a second layer of electronic entry systems so that only authorized staff gain admittance to the most secure areas.

We do not maintain separate areas for secure and unsecured equipment. We believe all equipment deserves the same treatment so only a secure area is provided. Unlike other companies that host customer equipment, we do not permit anyone but our own authorized staff access to the data center. Any work to be done on the equipment will be done exclusively by our staff.