Service and Equipment Providers

There are a few services that we have elected not to provide directly. And, there are some services that we will provide as part of an overall support plan but are not part of our standard offerings. We recognize that some of these services can be vital to your organizations success and, in order to accommodate your needs, we have formed partnerships with other firms who are better enabled to satisfy those requirements.

For example, we do not offer VOIP hosted phone or e-fax service. But, we have teamed with other companies who are happy to provide these features. Hosted phone and e-fax systems offer a convenient, inexpensive, feature-rich environment for providing phone and fax service to your organization. Whether it’s to establish phone service for the first time or to transfer or “port” your existing numbers to a VOIP provider, we can assist you by working with a variety of local carriers to establish VOIP phone service for you.

If your current Internet provider cannot offer you the services you need for a price you can afford, we can offer that service to you from several sources including Charter Business, Utility Telephone, AT&T and others. This will assure that you have sufficient bandwidth available to your network to support all of your many requirements.

Software Providers

Purchasing software for your organization can be expensive. Licenses can be difficult to manage. Maintaining consistency for various versions of software deployed in your environment can be a logistical nightmare.

Equipment Providers

Firmware for your routers, license maintenance, support agreements all pose a sometimes overwhelming and time-consuming burden on small businesses.