This server is almost identical to the server used in a virtual application hosting environment. The primary differences are that it runs web server software, has smaller allocations of memory, bandwidth and storage space and it is set up to use Apache and FreeBSD for web site hosting. However, all of these allocations can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements.

In addition, this “Virtual Machine” is completely dedicated to your web sites. You can have as few or as many web sites as you want and you are not “sharing space” with other user’s web sites. Please call our Sales department for additional information @ 1-775-434-2030, ext. 2.


Basic Virtual Web Server

Starting at $79

Per Month

Memory Allocation1 GB Allocation
Processor Allocation1 GHz Allocation
Hard Drive Space20 GB Allocation
Bandwidth100 Mbits per Month
Operating SystemFree BSD
IP Addresses1
Basic Setup Time1 Hour
Anti-Virus Software
Managed ServicesStarting @ $35 per Month
24/7 Status Monitoring
24/7 Tech Support
Setup FeeStarting @ $99
Domain Names1
eCommerceCall for Quote