What are Managed Services?

Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving operations. For the most part, this service is performed remotely and is proactive rather than waiting for problems to cause major disruption to business activities.

The benefits of Managed Services are easily quantifiable:

Proactive Support

Why wait until a problem arises? The tools we use allow us to identify problems before they become critical. We can see when you’re running out of disk space or when your memory usage reaches its upper limit. System logs are constantly reviewed to see if there are any critical events that require intervention.

Quick Response

Since our tools permit us to be proactive, many problems can be corrected even before you know they exist. Round the clock review and immediate alerts point us to problem areas that are expeditiously resolved.

Less Travel Time

Many problems can be resolved remotely which will serve to reduce the amount of travel time to and from your offices and therefore, reducing your overall costs. Of course, should a physical problem occur, such as a dead or dying hard drive, we can dispatch one of our technicians to correct the problem even before you realize one exists.

Appropriate Application of Expertise

Because we can identify problems quickly and accurately, problem reports can be assigned to a technician who is most qualified to rectify the situation. Multiple tiers of technical support can be called into play depending on the severity of the problem.

Pay Only for What You Use and What Devices Are Supported

You pay a low flat fee for each workstation, server, and network being serviced rather than high hourly rates for emergency and on-going maintenance services.

Secure Remote Access and Low Bandwidth Usage

Access to your equipment is secure and uses very little internet bandwidth. Monitoring can be adjusted to suit the usage level and often is performed after business hours.

Reporting Flexibility

Status reports can be delivered to you on a regularly scheduled or ad-hoc basis to match each customer’s requirements. We can even give you access to our dashboard that will provide you with real-time status of all of your critical equipment.

Unobtrusive Client

We install a small piece of software (client) onto each computer that requires monitoring. This client operates in the background and consumes very little computer resources so there is virtually no impact on your computer’s performance.

Easy Client Install

The client software can be installed remotely from our location…no special trip to your office is usually required.