Providing a reliable backup service using traditional on-premise backup solutions can be difficult for anyone — even if it’s simply to remember to change the tape or swap media.

There are now a large number of online backup solutions in the market and the concept of backing up across the internet is both proven and accepted. Over the next two years, research analysts are predicting a significant shift from on-premise backup solutions to hosted backup solutions with the majority of small and medium sized businesses preferring to buy this from a Managed Service Provider rather than direct from another vendor.


  • Managed Online Backup can be enabled on individual servers and workstations or, on all servers and workstations at your site, specifying whether or not to backup system state, which files and folders to backup, files to exclude and the backup schedule.
  • Multiple different backup schedules may be set-up to suit your requirements.
  • Effective algorithm – only data which has changed is backed up in relation to previous backup sessions.
  • Backup network shares, Exchange Information Stores, SQL Server instances and take application aware VMWare (ESX only) snapshots.
  • True Delta™ technology searches for change at disk block level where, on average, only 0.1 – 0.5% of the protected data set will have changed.


  • Based on robust IASO Backup– renowned for fast secure backup and no hassle!
  • Offsite storage to multiple locations to protect your business data.
  • Fully encrypted data – using Advanced Encryption Standard [AES] technology.
  • Designated Local Vault on your company network for instantaneous backup.

Easy to Use

  • Simple and clean user interface.
  • Low maintenance – backups are automatic.
  • Dashboard reporting – daily safety check monitors success of daily backups.
  • The Backup Storage Report shows exactly how much data is being stored.
  • The Backup Integrity Report shows the integrity of all monitored backups
  • Mount an Exchange Store as a Recovery Storage Group to achieve ‘bricks level’ restore.
  • Restore (also at disk block level) the last revision or any revision from the last 28-days either online or from the optional Local Vault via Backup Manager launched from Dashboard.

Fast Deployment

  • Quickly deploy backup software to all  devices.
  • Peace of mind – your data will be fully recoverable in the event of a fire, theft, flood or any on-site failure.
  • Scalable – storage infrastructure grows with you.
  • Uses True Delta™ Technology meaning your bandwidth load is lighter.


  • Pay only for what you use (per Gbyte of data stored) with no upfront costs.
  • Cancel at anytime.