For your convenience, we have configured three levels of server hardware to run your applications. These servers range from the very basic to a server that is capable of supporting dozens of users at your business. The listed servers are illustrative of the types of servers found in a typical physician’s or attorney’s office and, at the higher end, can support many users in a small company. One of our sales representatives can help you configure a server specifically designed to suit your organization’s needs. Remember, these servers are designed to support Application Hosting rather than web site hosting. As such, they include costly components, like Remote Desktop licenses, not typically included with a web server. Or, setup fees associated with installation and configuration of various software, like accounting systems or contact management systems.

In addition, each of these servers is based upon the same sturdy foundation and can be upgraded with larger hard drives; higher speed processors; and, additional memory should you wish to do so.

Entry Level System


Per Month

Mid-Level System


Per Month

High-End System


Per Month

Memory4 GB8 GB16 GB
Processor2.0 GHz Xeon Quad Core2.4 GHz Xeon Quad CoreDual 2.4 GHz Xeon Quad Core
Number of Cores448
Hard DrivesDual 500 GB RAIDDual 500 GB RAIDDual 1TB RAID
Bandwidth1 Tbits1 Tbits2 Tbits
IP Addresses111
Operating SystemOptional ItemOptional ItemOptional Item
Standard Users555
Basic Setup Fee$149.99$149.99$250
Additional Remote Users$15 per month$15 per month$15 per month
24/7 Status Monitoring
24/7 Tech Support
Anti-Virus Software
Windows Update Service
Automatic Backup
Dual Power Supplies
Managed ServicesStarting at $75 per monthStarting at $75 per monthStarting at $99 per month
More Detail More Detail More Detail

Prices are based on a 12 month contract. Longer term contracts will reduce monthly fees. Additional software, hardware upgrades, bandwidth, etc. are available upon request. Please call our Sales department for additional details @ 1-775-434-2030, ext. 2.