All of our basic servers include two hard drives to provide for redundancy. However, you may wish to use larger hard drives or use a more robust scheme for redundancy that would require more than two drives. We use Enterprise Level SAS or SATA type hard drives in our servers but can also provide SCSI hard drives should that be your desire. SCSI hard drives are significantly higher in price but can offer increased speed and other advantages.

The hard drive prices listed below are for dedicated systems. Hard drive space for virtual systems can be allocated in units as small as 1GB. See the specific virtual server for costs or speak with your sales representative.


Per Drive

Dedicated Servers:
250 GB$20
500 GB$30
1 TB$35
1.5 TB$37
2 TB$45
Extended Raid ConfigurationCall for Quote
SCSI DrivesCall for Quote
DroboCall for Quote
Virtual Servers:
50 GB Allocation for Virtual Server$25

 Note: All quoted prices shown here are subject to change.  Please call for a quote on any other drive combinations.