Whether you need us to house your existing servers or if you are looking to have a backup as a fail-over location to support servers in your business’s data center, co-location may be the answer for you. You supply the server, we provide everything else. We can accommodate anywhere from one server to whole racks of servers at our facility and manage them for you. And, all of our racks are directly cooled and locking and are supported by our uninterruptable power supplies and backup generator. We do not, however, allow patrons into our data center unescorted. But we’ll be happy to perform basic functions for you at your request. We will also allocate one public IP address for each server up to five servers. Additional IP addresses are available, should you require more, for $1.00 each per month. Finally, all of our co-location rack customers enjoy 24/7 monitoring and support.

The tables below describe the options available for hosting your servers be it a single 1U server or an entire 42U rack of servers and other components. And, if you have special requirements, give us a call. Our technicians will be happy to tailor a solution specific to your needs. All prices are subject to change at any time.

1st Device (1-2U)


Per Month

Addt'l (1-2U)


Per Month

1st Device (3-4U)


Per Month

Addt'l (3-4U)


Per Month

Sustained Internet Speed2 Mbit2 Mbit2 Mbit2 Mbit
Bandwidth1 TB1 TB1 TB1 TB
IP Addresses1111
Power2.5 Amps2.5 Amps2.5 Amps2.5 Amps
Locking RackYesYesYesYes
Support Services$65/device$65/device$65/device$65/device
Setup Fee$139.99$129.99$139.99$129.99

Quarter Rack


Per Month

Half Rack


Per Month

Full Rack


Per Month

Sustained Internet Speed3 Mbit3 Mbit5 Mbit
IP Addresses3510
Power3 Amps5 Amps10 Amps
Locking RackYesYesYes
Dedicated Rack
Support Services$45/device$45/device$45/device
Setup Fee$399.99$499.99$799.99