• Choice of archive retention policies, from three months to ten years.
  • Fully customizable email retention and deletion policies.
  • Delegated access controls allow for message access by auditors or other authorized personnel.


  • 256-bit encryption of all archived messages.
  • All messages are stored on redundant systems at no less than two geographically distributed data centers.
  • Checksum verification ensures that all messages are successfully archived.
  • Messages are stored as read-only, with their original contents and metadata fully protected.
  • Legal Hold allows retention of messages past their normal retention date.

Easy To Use

  • Search mechanism allows administrators and customers to quickly find relevant.
  • Messages, based on date, sender, recipient, subject, body text, attachment contents and other criteria.
  • Message tagging allows messages to be categorized for export or for subsequent reference.
  • Simple and clean user interface – no training required.

One Solution

  • Compatible with virtually any email infrastructure.
  • Integrated management of anti-spam/antivirus protection, always-on email continuity, and message archiving.


  • Pay monthly with no upfront costs.
  • Costs from just a few pennies per day.
  • Enable archive for a full domain, or selected users only.
  • Cancel anytime contract.