Your Server or Ours

If you already have a server, we can house in our secure facility. Or if you prefer, you can use one of our servers to support your applications. Either way, we will assure that the equipment is properly maintained stays in fully functional condition at all times.

We offer virtual or dedicated servers, redundant Internet connections, ample power and generators for backup power.

No Longer will you need to worry about performing regular maintenance on your hardware. We will do this for you. Either on your server or one that we provide for you. This maintenance includes such items as:

  • Vacuuming Cabinets
  • Re–Seating Critical Components
  • Lubrication Where Necessary
  • Checking For Worn-Out Parts And Replacing Where Necessary

We will also perform other maintenance activities including:

  • Virus Detection
  • De-Fragmentation
  • Error-Checking

In addition, we will make sure that the software you use stays current and updated. For example, Our Windows Update Server automatically downloads updates for all Microsoft products and will distribute those updates as directed. The software updates are not limited to Microsoft products that you may house on our servers. We will also assure that updates are applied to other software you might use. We will also manage licensing and maintenance agreements for all of your hosted applications to make sure you stay in compliance.