From small and medium business up to the enterprise, our network consultants at Xogenous understand your need for both comprehensive and targeted strategies in order to maximize and enhance your business operation.

Network Protection, Availability and Remote Accessibility

Ensuring that your data and online applications are available to customers and employees is crucial to the success of business.  Managing the network for potential server interruptions or overloads, and having a viable failover plan are essential to providing an always-available solution.

High Availability and Failover Options

  • Server Clustering
  • Content verification checks
  • Network and Server load balancing
  • Quick failover and recovery
  • Multi-ISP and fully-redundant capabilities
  • Firewall/VPN deployment
  • Remote, round-the-clock monitoring
  • Infrastructure support

Network Protection

  • Intrusion Detection
  • DOS (Denial of Service) protection
  • Packet filtering and unwanted traffic blocks
  • NAT and Firewall gateways
  • Authentication Proxy
  • Virus, Spam, and Internet filtering

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

  • Secured VPN solutions for remote access
  • Strong Cryptography (IPSEC, 3DES, SSL) and certificates
  • VPN Gateways (Office to Office /Client to Office/Road Warrior to Office)


Whether you’re just improving the reliability or availability of applications, seeking an alternative to in-house technology, or expanding your infrastructure and delivery systems, Xogenous can help you achieve your objective through our network design services.