Security, Redundancy, and High Quality Components are our Watchwords

Our facility is located in Carson City, Nevada and occupies over 4,000 square feet of space.  Redundant 10 ton HVAC units serve to cool rows of rack mounted servers used by our customers. These racks are powered by 3-phase 208 volt power and have sensors to detect changes in humidity, temperature, tampering, water intrusion and other potentially dangerous problems. Both fiber and copper Internet connections serve this space along with sufficient power to run all the equipment housed in the data center.

The servers are backed by several APC Symetra N+2 UPS’s that can maintain power to the servers for up to two hours and are further supported by a robust backup power generator. We use multiple redundant Cisco routers and switches, SonicWALL access control appliances, Barracuda virtual server content filters and WebSense spam filters keep our network secure from outside intrusion.

Physical security is provided by closed circuit cameras and a sensitive and secure surveillance system. Only authorized personnel are permitted access to the data center. We also maintain an off-site vault for storing customer data files that can be used to quickly restore files should it become necessary.