Thin Client Versatility

Computers are becoming smaller and smaller while office space and even desk space is becoming increasingly important. Currently, most office workstations are large, bulky computer cases containing hard drives, DVD drives, cooling fans, memory chips, etc. And, they demand considerable power to drive these internal devices.

 Wyse C10LE-1 Thin Client

In most cases, these accessories are not necessary. Instead, everything you need to work in a hosted environment can be found in a low-cost, low-power consumption thin client. Thin clients can range in price from about $300 to $500 depending on capability not including the cost of keyboard, monitor, and mouse. They typically require less than 10 watts of power; boot up in seconds rather than minutes; contain no moving parts; generate very little heat; and, have a serviceable life of between five and seven years. And, unlike standard workstations, they typically come with a two or three year warranty.

Workstations versus Thin Clients

Thin clients possess all of the advanced security features that standard workstations provide. They offer 1-gigabit network (Ethernet) connections for high-speed and wired access to your in-house network or internet router. Many thin clients can also access the internet or network wirelessly and can accommodate dual monitors for the most demanding environments and power users. They can even be mounted on a wall further reducing their desk or floor space requirement.

These little gems typically weigh less than six pounds and are about the same overall size as the hard drive found in standard workstations (1.4” High; 7” Wide; 4.75” Deep). They provide exceptional video resolution (up to 1920×1200) and you can connect a whole host of optional accessories to the built-in USB ports.